Rockfish Brewing

Dragonfly Rye
2B - International Amber Lager
An orange hued rye lager inspired by a song written and performed by Lance Fahy, not the actual beer; just a tribute! Saaz and Pacific Jade hops add a spicy, peppery character complimented by Mecca Grade pilsner malt and a hint of Tellicherry black pepper corns for a complex and highly drinkable elixir.
19 IBU 5.4% ABV

Flight 1

Peach Party
M2D - Stone Fruit Mead
A peach hydromel made with local honey and homegrown peaches. Approximately 8lbs of peaches in primary and 15% peach juice added at packaging. It's a frickin peach party and I'm movin' to the country...
0 IBU 4.5% ABV

Flight 3

M2E - Melomel
Watermelon hydromel, of course. Contains a technologically advanced level of watermelon flavor.
0 IBU 4.4% ABV

Flight 4

Green Lightning
C2E - Cider with Herbs/Spices
Freaky green cider with Hatch Green Chilis. Slightly tart with hints of lime and salt; balanced with Agave nectar. Join us in celebrating the overwhelming abundance of Green Lightning!
0 IBU 5.1% ABV

Flight 2

Wild Magic
M4C - Experimental Mead
Local honey co-fermented with Metschnikowia reukaufii and French wine yeast. Lightly dry hopped with experimental variety 17701, just for fun. Unexpected and unique.
IBU 4.9% ABV

Flight 5